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Paintball - Dubai


Founded in 1996 with the technological support of Europe’s largest Paintball WDP, Pursuit Games (PG) was the only executive Paintball Company in the Middle East. With state-of-the-art Paintball equipment and followng the latest trends, they cater to a children, youth, families and corporate companies, to give Dubai the best Paintball experience ever.


Basics of the Game:
Elimination of the opponent team completely is a necessity.
If all players aren’t out, the game is a draw.
Clean and Sweep
Capturing the flags (with reference to your base) from the left mid-field and
placing them at the right mid-field is mandatory.
If you’re carrying a flag and are eliminated, you ought to pass it to the closest standing teammate. The Bacon must be stolen
Team needs to capture the two tires with flags from the opposite side of your base, and return it to your own base.


Skeet shooting is available for anyone of 13 years and above. Pistol shooting is available for everyone of 15 year and above. A 5-star licensed catering is provided. An added Bus service is provided upon request at an extra cost.